The Miracle of Honey


Modern medicine is only just learning of this fact. People knew honey from ancient times and long before they began to process refined sugar. Honey’s natural properties also make it an excellent replenisher and a solvent; it opens the pores of blood vessels and eases menstrual discharge, forces out phlegm, and opens obstruction of the liver, kidney, and bladder.

Honey is abluent and an aperient. It contains detergent and tonic properties that cleanse the arteries and bowels of impurities. It opens obstructions of the liver, kidney, and bladder. It is also a general preservative, and it helps to preserve the potency of salves among other natural medicinal remedies. Honey is also a curative for a depraved appetite, and when taken as a drink


Is Honey Allowed in Diabetic Diet?

The diabetic diet is strictly controlled in terms of sugar and mineral compounds intake. Hence it’s not surprising that “whether honey is allowed for diabetic patients” is afrequently asked questionfor Benefits of Honey. With appropriate control, many diabetics and pre-diabetes people with blood glucose levels higher than normal person but not high enough to be considered diabetic) are still able to safely enjoy natural honey.


Honey and Cinnamon Remedy


  • HEART DISEASES: Apply honey and cinnamon powder on bread instead of using jam or butter and eat it regularly for breakfast.
  • ARTHRITIS: Apply a paste made of the two ingredients on the affected part of the body and massage slowly.
  • HAIR LOSS: Apply a paste of hotolive oil, a tablespoon of honey,  a teaspoon of cinnamon powder before bath, leave it for 15 min and wash.
  • BLADDER INFECTIONS: Mix cinnamon powder and honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink.
  • TOOTHACHE: Apply a paste of cinnamon powder and honey and on the aching tooth.
  • CHOLESTEROL: Add honey to cinnamon powder mixed in boiled water or green tea and drink.
  • COLDS: Make a glass of lukewarm honey water mixed with cinnamon powder to help boost your immune system during the cold season. It may also help to clear your sinuses.
  • INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on a spoonful of honey taken before food relieves acidity.
  • PIMPLES: Mix honey with cinnamon powder and apply paste on thepimples before sleeping and wash away the next morning.
  • OBESITY: Toreduce weight,daily drink a mixture of a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder boiled in water with an empty stomach in the morning.


Honey with Black Seeds (Kalonji)


  • To treat the asthma attack:  mix 10 drops of black seed and one tea spoon honey in one glass warm water. Drink it as morning drink and once after dinner. Forty days treatment gives a positive result.Apply honey and cinnamon powder on bread instead of using jam or butter and eat it regularly for breakfast.
  • For the freshness of your face use this remedy. Mix up three table spoons of honey, half table spoon kalonji oil and half tea spoon olive oil. Apply this mixture on your face twice a day in the morning and before sleep.Continue treatment at least forty days.
  • Swelling on ankle and other pains in the joints are terrible to face. Make an effective remedy by mixing one tea spoon vinegar, two tea spoons of honey and add half tea spoon of kalonji oil. Use this mixture two times a day before breakfast & after dinner and also massage with same oils.
  • Obesity: Take half tea spoon of kalonji oil, two tea spoons of honey mixed in lukewarm water and take twice a day. It will help to overcome your obesity. You also need to avoid from fried foods and bakery items.
  • For a perfect good night sleep: right after dinner take half tea spoon kalonji oil with one tea spoon honey and enjoy a sound sleep.Take half teaspoon of kalonji oil mixed with one cup black tea, take twice a day before breakfast & after dinner. Avoid hot & spicy items.

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