Support A Healthy Life Style While Being A Stress-Free Gambler

stress at the workplaceNever before our times have health and wellness been put center stage at almost all levels of our everyday life. So, not only doctors but also personal trainers tend to highlight the numerous benefits on our health that come from a balanced diet with healthy foods or from an appropriate physical activity.

In fact, most modern countries feature crowded cities where people live under ongoing stressful conditions. As a consequence, more people tend to get sick, referring to psychological stress and even about physical diseases that are nothing but a psychological response to certain stressing factors, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness
  • Troubles at the workplace
  • Discussions for financial reasons
  • Others

Gambling – A Growing Stress Factor

According to psychologists and doctors, gambling addiction is becoming one of the emerging factors of stress for a larger number of patients. In this regard, it’s worth mentioning that only a slight percentage of gambling addicted subjects decide to visit a doctor and, when this happens, it’s usually because the patient is in his/her worst phase of the illness. The gambling addiction is, actually, regarded to be a serious illness which influences not only the patient’s mental status, but also his/her financial conditions and social relationships.

Why Are Gamblers Overstressed?

In the beginning everything looks great: you have a new online casino account, you get bonuses and you can try all the games that you like. You usually feel like a “king” in his kingdom. However, if you ignore what the casino venue recommends about responsible gambling, you might develop a gambling addiction pathology,  a serious mental dependence from playing casino games.

All gamblers who take their casino experience seriously should keep in mind to set a budget and to stay on that budget: this is the most important gambling tip to help you avoid to bet more than you can afford on games (see also what the casino venues on Play Pokies actually suggest their new casino members).

Stress factors in gambling are multiple, however, the most evident are:

  • Most gamblers don’t imagine they will lose at games
  • The more they lose money, the more they want to play in the hope to win
  • Certain games require specific skills to master (which generates anxiety)
  • Not all casinos in the web are trustworthy (that’s why you should follow Play Pokies’ tips before you join a random casino)

Slots – Are They Any Dangerous?

If you’ve decided to join an online casino on Play Pokies, you are on the right path: you can actually avoid casino scams (that are terribly frequent these days) because all the casino venues on Play Pokies have been carefully selected, and vetted by the team at Play Pokies. So, you can feel at ease to choose your favorite casino in all safety!

As a matter of fact, most new casino members play casino slots at for real money. You may fear that online slots are any dangerous for your wallet since slots gained a bad reputation through the past few years… well, at Play Pokies you can choose and play any type of slot or pokie game simply because all these games conform to the international gambling requirements. Moreover, each game developer studio which releases new slot games is also in line with the international game development rules. As an effect, all the slot and pokie games offered by the casinos on Play Pokies are 100% fair and give out only random results that are generated by a specific system.

Tips To Switch From Free To Real Money Slotsuse casino bonuses

Many people find out real money slots after playing free slots. This is actually a most common way to get closer to real money slots.

The best tips for free slot players who want to experience real money games is to first try the game’s free demo version to see what the game is like and how to play it. Secondly, it’s recommended to switch to the real play mode and to play that specific game (you’ll be  more acquainted to it!).

Finally, start to play and set low bets per game. As you get a winning, use that money to set a new bet while saving your own money. You can also use bonus cash to place new slot bets, this will help you save more of your money and use the casino bonuses in the best way possible for you!

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