Insomnia – Lack of sleep

Insomnia or lack of sleep is becoming very common now a days. We come across different people belonging from different walks of life who complain of lack of sleep. Reasons could be variable but one thing is for sure that this problem tremendously affects ones life. It is very important to know what normal sleep is. As a baby a child sleeps for approximately 18 hours per day. As they grow older hours slept become less as schooling and playful activities start. On an average a young adult sleeps for 7 hours approximately. Elderly are more prone to sleep less as then sleep becomes more less and light.


A major reason for lack of sleep is pre occupation of brain. If for any reason the thought process of brain is activated then it is difficult for it to shut down to sleep and keeps on thinking about meetings, picnics etc. Another reason could be delaying ones sleep. For e.g. listening to music and delaying sleep. Reading books, watching late night TV so that peak time of sleep passes away and you end up wide awake.

Question arises WHAT TO DO

Research has proven that many medicines are available but have increased potential for addiction so people need to take it for many years. Behavioral therapy is widely used throughout the world. Remembering these small tips may help in insomnia.

  • Go to bed only when you fee sleepy.
  • A glass of warm milk before bedtime.
  • A bath with Luke warm water is helpful.
  • If you are unable to sleep, go out of the room and come back only when feeling sleepy.
  • Avoid use of coffee and tea at bedtime.
  • Do not take any fluids at bedtime.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not compensate your night time sleep with daytime naps. Get up on the same time every day no matter what time you slept a night before.

In case of acute problems like grief reaction or depression, one may require medicine which is carefully monitored by the physician. Do not self medicate yourself as it is harmful.

Remember sleep is a gift from God so welcome it by not avoiding it!


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