Headaches in children

Initially headaches were considered a rare presentation in children but now days it is very commonly seen. No particular reason has been identified so far but it is presumed that with the onset of a technical era with kids spending so much time in front of TV and computers and debarring themselves from all sorts of physical activities children become mentally exhausted and can present with headache.

What are the causes that can result in headaches in our young children?

  • Lack of appropriate sleep.
  • Increase use of TV and computers.
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Emotional Stress.
  • Any eye problems like difficulty in sight
  • Childhood Migraine.

A child who is complaining of Headache should be attended seriously. Recurrent Episodes need advice from physician who can complete a series of investigations and then can manage accordingly. Visit to an eye specialist will help to improve vision in children. The basic cause of headache in this situation is not because of weak eyesight but because kids put a lot of strain on their eyes by screwing their eyes.

In case of childhood migraine family history is very important. Usually any one member of the family is suffering from migraine.
Treatment options are widely available but life style changes play an important role in gradually reducing these episodes. 

  • Give your child proper nutrition and healthy foods
  • Take care of their sleep.
  • Limit use of TV and computers.
  • Always consult a good physician if the child does not respond to treatment

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