Hair Fall – Causes & Home Remedies

Hair fall is very common among men and women. It is usual for everyone to shed some hair every day. On an average a person can loss upto 100 hairs each day. However, some person may experience excessive hair loss. In men this condition is called Male-pattern baldness. Natural home remedies are best for controlling hair Read More

Ancient folk formula – for healthy heart

ANCIENT FOLK FORMULA – GARLIC+ HONEY + ACV  This is an excellent home remedy that you want to keep available at all times in your home. It’s great as a preventative and for maintaining good health. There are some variations to this with the addition of other ingredients such as Ginger. The base mixture includes Read More

Headaches in children

Initially headaches were considered a rare presentation in children but now days it is very commonly seen. No particular reason has been identified so far but it is presumed that with the onset of a technical era with kids spending so much time in front of TV and computers and debarring themselves from all sorts Read More

Insomnia – Lack of sleep

Insomnia or lack of sleep is becoming very common now a days. We come across different people belonging from different walks of life who complain of lack of sleep. Reasons could be variable but one thing is for sure that this problem tremendously affects ones life. It is very important to know what normal sleep Read More

Six free doctors

Ever heard of SIX FREE DOCTORS, whose advice is most crucial to a healthy life style? But we do not pay any heed to it? as there are no visiting fees! Therefore their value is unimportant! These are: 1. SUNLIGHT: The sun says, spend a little time with me while reading, exercising, listening to music, meditating, Read More

Kidney Stones – Causes, Symptoms & Remedies

What is Kidney Stone: The waste products in the blood can occasionally form crystals that collect inside the kidneys. Over time, the crystals may build up to form a hard stone like lump. Kidney stones, usually comprised of a compound called calcium oxalate, are the result of a build up of dissolved minerals on the Read More

Dark Circles – Causes, Home remedies, Diet & Tips

Dark circles under the eyes are most common thing found in almost every individual. Around 9 out of 10 people have dark circles under the eyes. They interfere with our beauty causing the face to look aged. Causes of dark circles under the eyes are as follows: Age- with the flow of age the skin Read More

Food That Burn Fat

Body fat is an ugly truth of life for most of us. Our lifestyle is such that it becomes almost impossible to avoid it. Just sweating out in the gym day and night is not enough to reach your goal of losing your body fat when your mother is busy feeding you the butter-laced aloo Read More