Support A Healthy Life Style While Being A Stress-Free Gambler

Never before our times have health and wellness been put center stage at almost all levels of our everyday life. So, not only doctors but also personal trainers tend to highlight the numerous benefits on our health that come from a balanced diet with healthy foods or from an appropriate physical activity. In fact, most modern countries Read More

Heart attack symptoms – Simple steps to identifying a Stroke

Heart Attack when alone

We’ll start with a short story During a barbeque, one of the guests, a woman named Jane, tripped and fell. She got up almost immediately and assured everyone around her that she was fine. Others suggests she get an ambulance, but she refused and explained that she bumped into a small stone and tripped due Read More

Home remedies for Diabetes

home remedies for diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness in which the blood sugar/glucose level is high in the blood vessel or in the urine. There are two types of diabetes. The main causes of diabetes are obesity, Stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and lack of exercise. Here are some natural home remedies for Diabetes. ​​ Home Read More

Anti Diabetic Herbs and Foods

Fenugreek seeds

There are foods and herbs, which have a specific role in the treatment of diabetes. Some of them are: Fenugreek seeds: (methi): The medicinal qualities or fenugreek seeds are described in ayurvedic literature. In recent studies, it has been reported that the decoction of fenugreek seeds suppressed the urinary excretion of sugar and relieved symptoms Read More

Heal headache with ginger tea

If you have, a headache tries to sip ginger tea instead of a classical medication. Ginger contains a compound that will block the pain signal transition to your brain. You can buy ginger tea at any supermarket. Ginger is good for your stomach too. Next time when you have a tummy troubles, do not use Read More

Gout – Signs, Causes & Home Remedies

Gout (also known as podagra when it involves the big toe) is a medical condition usually characterized by recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis – a red, tender, hot, swollen joint. Gout is a kind of arthritis which can affect different body parts like ear, small joints on the hand, ankles, knees, or wrists. The Read More

Hair Fall – Causes & Home Remedies

Hair fall is very common among men and women. It is usual for everyone to shed some hair every day. On an average a person can loss upto 100 hairs each day. However, some person may experience excessive hair loss. In men this condition is called Male-pattern baldness. Natural home remedies are best for controlling hair Read More

Headaches in children

Initially headaches were considered a rare presentation in children but now days it is very commonly seen. No particular reason has been identified so far but it is presumed that with the onset of a technical era with kids spending so much time in front of TV and computers and debarring themselves from all sorts Read More

Insomnia – Lack of sleep

Insomnia or lack of sleep is becoming very common now a days. We come across different people belonging from different walks of life who complain of lack of sleep. Reasons could be variable but one thing is for sure that this problem tremendously affects ones life. It is very important to know what normal sleep Read More

Kidney Stones – Causes, Symptoms & Remedies

What is Kidney Stone: The waste products in the blood can occasionally form crystals that collect inside the kidneys. Over time, the crystals may build up to form a hard stone like lump. Kidney stones, usually comprised of a compound called calcium oxalate, are the result of a build up of dissolved minerals on the Read More