Be happy and keep the doctor away

Happiness keeps a person healthy. A cheerful disposition helps you to recover from many ailments. Blood pressure levels will come down if a person is happy. Headaches disappear in no time. A positive attitude is good to combat health problems. Negativity pulls you down. Even a terminally ill patient should feel happy, even if he is faced with death.


How is Happiness Good For Health?

  • Happiness relaxes the mind and body. One feels refreshed
  • Energy levels go up. One feels less lethargic
  • Performance or rather productivity goes up. Good health means more capacity to perform a particular task
  • One experiences psychological well-being. Depression and anxiety levels come down. In fact one may not suffer from them
  • Recover from illness is faster. A happy mood makes you feel healthy
  • Headaches disappear. A smile relieves you of your tension
  • Blood pressure comes down
  • The brain gets stimulated. Concentration improves. You are more alert
  • Overall health improves. You can be free from disease. Morbidity is not good for health
  • Happiness is a better substitute to pills
  • Your attitude towards life is more positive, which helps you to cope up with health problems better
  • Happiness increases longevity of life
  • Your face will reflect a healthy and radiant look
  • Lower rates of chronic illnesses
  • Lessens the harmful effects of stress

Happiness is good medicine for good health. If one is happy one can get cured of many health problems. If one is suffering, one can cope up better. Happiness prevents diseases, particularly mental health problems or at least mitigates them. Be happy and keep the doctor away.

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